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The Human Microbiome website
cyberbridge link

CyberBridge is a new online initiative designed to help students transition from high school to the first year of Life Science at Harvard University. CyberBridge teaches fundamental concepts in biology and chemistry. While it is designed for entering Harvard freshmen, we hope it will be useful to a wide variety of learners.

biovision link

Short videos and animations designed for life sciences undergraduates can be found at the BioVisions website, including "The Inner Life of the Cell". This award-winning animation offers a scientifically accurate, three-dimensional rendering of cellular structures.

MCB Science News link

The Harvard University Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology website science news link presents articles on Harvard science breakthroughs and events.

Gradwagon link

Gradwagon is a new resource designed to connect high school and middle school science teachers in the greater Boston area with graduate students and postdocs at Harvard University, for educational enrichment services.

Our goal is to support high school biology education using the many resources at Harvard University.  We are hosted by The Division of Science at Harvard University in conjunction with FAS.

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